Guide Line for Opening a
New Training Centre under PMKVY
Permanent Registration Number - WB2016RF8314
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i) To acquire , establish , start, aid, run, maintain or manage a primary school, Nursery School , child’s yoga training school, Library, for the benefit of the child as well public.

ii) To acquire , establish , start, aid, run, maintain or manage a music school, dancing school, art school and to study , cultivate demonstrate the Art , Music , dancing.

iii) To establish good relation between the other society , N.G.O and Club etc. and to help their by various guide, encourage, improve economical standard , give sports and game item etc.

iv) To publish or cause to be published useful literatures, papers, magazines, books etc. without profit motive.

v) To promote and encourage advancement of literary , cultural, political, religious, scientific and technical education.

vi) To help the needy students of all communities for prosecution of studies and to establish a coaching centre and study guide shell, Hostel for benefit of the student.

vii) To collect and preserve manuscripts , painting sculptures, works of art, antiquities, natural history specimens, mechanical and scientific instruments and designs.

viii) To improve the economic and social standard of the villagers of the locality and to help the people in marriage.

ix) To improve the social standard , hygiene maintains, population education, infections prevention training and other social important training of the women and children’s of the locality.

x) To render relief to the suffering in times of famine, flood, drought, earthquake and other natural calamities.

xi) To organize physical, cultural, indoor and outdoor games and establish physical education centre and work education centre.

xii) To establish, maintain libraries and reading rooms.

xiii) To open orphanage and family planning centre, centre for distribution of foods, cloths etc.

xiv) To help to promote cottage and home industries and activities for rural welfare .

xv) To establish and maintain maternity home, old aged home, women welfare centre etc.

xvi) To open charitable dispensaries, blood donation centre, children’s clinic, eye clinic, various immunization camp etc.

xvii) To maintain a ambulance service for benefit of the patients and establish a patients guide centre.

xviii) To help economically of the needy public for business or other their welfare.

xix) To establish and maintain a Dairy and poultry training institute by qualified veterinary doctor and expert for benefit of the needy public for their self help scientifically dairy business and poultry business.

xx) To alleviate the suffering of animals, or other living creatures as may be deemed appropriate.

xxi) To establish and maintain a community medical service training centre and first aid training centre for relief and proper positive step to the suffering in times of famine, flood, drought, earthquake and other natural calamites.

xxii) To establish and maintain a patient guide centre for proper treatment.

xxiii) To acquire, establish, start, aid run, maintain or manage a Home Nursing School for primary management family nursing in times of emergency home accident like burn trauma etc.

xxiv) To acquire, establish, start, aid, run, maintain or manage a paramedical training institute i.e. X-ray, E.C.G, Pathology, physiotherapy etc. by qualified experts for benefit of workless qualified man as well as improve medical line.

xxv) To help the aged, sick , helpless and indigent persons.

xxvi) To engage and assist in such other philanthropic activities as may be deemed appropriate by the Governing Body of the association.

xxvii) To do all such acts, deeds, matters and things as may be deemed incidental or conductive to the convenient for the use of association.

Activities & Projects

1) Macro & Micro insurance marketing with health card.
2) Charitable Dispensary.
3) Blood Donation Camp.
4) Awarness Camp.
5) Free Veterinary vaccination and treatment camp.
6) Voluntary free eye testing camp.
7) Donated sports items for various club and N.G.O.s
8) Medical, Cultural, Sports & Science Fair

1) Old Age Home.
2) Sports Complex.
3) English Medium School from Nursery to H.S..
4) Ambulance Service.
5) Medical Guide for All Over India.
6) Relief to the Suffering in times of Famine, Flood, Drought, Earthquake and Other Natural Calamites.
7) Yoga and Computer training Center.
8) Book Bank.
9) Help the poor people in Marriage.

1) General Modern Hospital.
2) Dairy and Gotery Farm.
3) Small Scale Industry on Vermicompose Woolen Work, Mat Making By Machine, Food Processing.
4) Hatery on Poultry and Fishery.
5) Modern Diagnostic Research Centre.
6) Medicine Manufacturing Unit.
7) Packeting Drinking Water Factory.
8) Fishery Project
9) Project of Hatery on Poultry & Fishery.
10) Rain Water Harvest.